Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not just two person lovely story

A couple can walk into marriage, showed they know each other well.
Lovely wasn't just show in crowd.
this not step by step, it's the outcome, a result that they believe they had gone through many.
we believe not important , their believe only take the most.

Theres a jokes talking about them.

one male, with another female.
one tall, with another short.
one untalkactive, with another talkactive.
one dark skin, with fair skin.
hope they hava grey lady(cinderella) have a happily life after.

Of course, we not wishing them have a grey skin daughter,
we just wish they can life happily and with happiness.

1 comment:

-KeO- said...

a very nice one~!!
they're such a potential portraits model....lolz...