Tuesday, September 30, 2008

romantic night

having small walk with my gang at malacca. windy and starless night, manmade light giving a romance feel for the night.

Where am i

having satay celup* at malacca. interesting photos will b update soon :p

Monday, September 29, 2008

emo kitten


personally I like this shot.(it giving me more nature feel)



Another shots for kitten.
This time I play with some shadow, and get more attention on details.
With the expression that giving from kitten more to human kinds.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Seremban Trip

The journey start on

a temple which our tour guide of the day - Wennie ,

said here very nice to take picture.

And it's true, because we walk all the way up to the moutain.

-sign board to the temple.



walk up to the temple

there's another temple middle of the moutain.

camping girls

Girl's group picture

The hard way to get nice photo.

Sunny girls.

dream land

out of frame


By the way, actually right after temple.

We went to Wennie's house and her mom

cook very nice food for us.

But, just because we all too hungry then I

didn't took any photos.

aikss.. thanks anyways wennie n winnie's mom.

I like these photos(up)

Once they saw people feeding KOI fish in the pool,

all very excited want to feed also.

(include me as well)


backg group photo


Our most important Plan

Main plan actually.

Caution: For those who are in hungry mode,

are not recommend to scrow down.

We're not taking any responsibility.

Thanks for your co-orperation.

tom yam squid

claypot tauhu

fried vege

thai-style chicken

sweet and sour crab

Grill crab *highly recommended*




so tell me which shot u preferred?

To promote famous crab in Seremban,

we do a competition open for

"who shows very delicious in photo"

here goes the contestant.

contestant 1

contestant 2

contestant 3

contestant 4

And the winner is...

contestant 5!

Special thanks to our tourguide of the day -wennie!

In the bus
(Back to KL)