Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Familiar yet Strange

Maxwell Hill.
Calm enviroment, yet very interesting.
This place is just in Taiping actually but i did not go up before.
Many story about this place but once I reached I just take a deep breathe and walk around it.
Bangalows all the places and we just had a mild breakfast there.
It's like a little cameron but well the view are much nicer.
Can says we are the lucky fellas,the skies are china blue and the view are clear than a crystal ball.At least,I stand up there I still can see my hometown, Kuala Sepetang from top hill.

I just miss the place again. I will just go up again.But please bring meals.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not just two person lovely story

A couple can walk into marriage, showed they know each other well.
Lovely wasn't just show in crowd.
this not step by step, it's the outcome, a result that they believe they had gone through many.
we believe not important , their believe only take the most.

Theres a jokes talking about them.

one male, with another female.
one tall, with another short.
one untalkactive, with another talkactive.
one dark skin, with fair skin.
hope they hava grey lady(cinderella) have a happily life after.

Of course, we not wishing them have a grey skin daughter,
we just wish they can life happily and with happiness.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Wendy's food always gave people a healthy fresh food and made fast.
This time they introduced us a even more fresh and satisfying combos which is Wrap and Roll!

Here's the wendy.

Uncle Elvis.

Kids also waiting for the meals.

Ms. Siow and Dato' Francis Lee grab the new Wendy's Wrap and Rolls.

Let's see what's in the combo.

Introducing salad in cup.

once you grab the salad just add the sauce into the cup.

close it back like this.

then shake whatever the way u like.
It's easy and clean.
And the vege it's absolutely fresh.

See munster very excited for the burger.

Actually this combo targeting females who ate small portion.
Just like yeeleng above.
All the way you may just think this Wrap and Rolls will just gonna have 1 flavour right?
haha... they have two!

Grill chicken

Spicy chicken.

This nutritionally balanced Wrap and Roll is just seasonned combo.
What we expect the from food? fresh, delicious and fast! all the condition we made this combo made up for us.
Wokay I guess what you want to know next.
Rm 5.50 for just burger only, if you want comes with set(a drink+salad) it's RM10.10.
Only valid in MALAYSIA!
This combo even can fit me, I guess many guys will like it too.
Oppss Wendy's got no delivery service, so just go the nearer store from you.

Monday, October 5, 2009


We repect each other;
we do felt it a believe;
we trust them, that's why we went;
that's why we so wanted to go this place.
that's why we just do what we can do.
and here goes the trouble came.
we got something;
we lost something;
and we learnt something;