Sunday, May 31, 2009

City of Lights

This place used to be very famous in the world.
But right now turned to a historical city.
This place used to be very international.
But right now mostly tourist came to have a look.

Hows the future would happen we wouldn't know,
when we will die we can't predict,
the only thing that we can do is, plan our future blindly.
Because no matter what we plan, the possibility of come true is very low.

we believe,
but somtimes will change because of lifestyle.
we think,
but sometimes will did something unlogicly.
we civilize,
but sometimes we even kill our own species.

Humans ..... confuse, confess, contradiction.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ming - The Malaysia Dreamgirl

Ming didn't win the MDG but I do think she did her very well. Honestly to say,
I didn't follow the competition actually, Iust went to shoot with my friends and I saw her.
It wasn't my first time seeing her, but at some other places too.
On stage, I can see her confidence and beauty, which i can't see much from
other contestants. I hope in the future we can see more of her..