Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Different Status

This is me.

This time i'm not the photographer. I just being a model for my senior's
assignment for digital imaging.

conclusion: i can't wait to have digital imaging!

Special thanks to Xiao Chen - She's the photographer.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Digital Photography

I love this!

Any comments?

Zen - Japanese Garden

soothing enviroment

Path to japanese house

mini waterfall

Bamboo wall

Zen garden

Bamboo forest

Outside of Japanese house hanging a KOI fish

This Japanese Garden located at bottom of Bukit Tinggi (Berjaya Hill).
this place really suitable for families to hanging around.
It encompasses a Japanese Tea House, Sakura and Ume Tatami Suites, and a Botanical Garden. An hour long authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony conducted by Kimono clad ladies can be observed at the Japanese Tea House.
Beside that here got a koi fish lake, and a japanese restaurant which i didn't capture down (i also don't know why )
walk path built to the Botanical Garden. Here really suitable for those who appreciate nature it has multi shaped floral and fauna, hear the call of birds and monkeys, insects buzzing and the fragrance of the growing forest. Signs with names and information snippets of trees, plants and flowers were put up for visitors.

Malaysia nice place - France Village


Top view of France Village


outside of France Village

Lovely mom and baby


Beautiful sky

accesory stall selling ear rings


entrance of France Village

Clock tower


I like this building.

tall crop


Little promoter

Family on vacation

Elegant swan

Away from KL

Little couple

Light bulb

This place located at Pahang, between Genting Highland and Cameron Highland.
If depart from Kuala Lumpur using Karak Highway just within 1 hour will be there.
This place designed inspired by Inspired by the original Colmar Village in Alsace, France,Colmar Tropicale.
France Village provide pleasant breaks for the weary travelers to the Far East.
After all the exciting adventures in the hot and humid climate, what's more refreshing than a quiet stay in here, where one could sit in an open verandah sipping freshly brewed tea . It's really a relaxing place to bringing whole family here.
Besides France Village, Rabbit farm, Japanese Garden, Horse Trail and Golf club is here. So no worry about entertainment.
If staying in France Village. The Rabbit farm ans Japanese Garden will be free of charge.

for more information,

White vs Black

Swans- are from birds family, which also includes geese and ducks.
- Elegant and Clean animal.
For ur Information:Black Swan and White Swan can't live together, they'll fight if they meet.