Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let's Start From Here

Joanna Wang .
I really feel she's a talented singer, and her voice really attracted everyone's heart.
Vincent- there's few version but I prefer hers.
If you said I got no taste in music, I could only tells you
"Everyone have their own taste" Just depends on you like it or not.
I'm just worry some kind of people just tend-to-be fans which is follow the trend.


Hon Mun said...

wowww! Joanna Wang!

-KeO- said...

She's good...^.^
juz simply love her voice..

Jay Jay said...

hehehe...focus joanna wang or focus the handbag? :P

keon said...

Her sound is really unique, a great singer was born to be.

豪迈 said...

Wow, Joanna Wang! I love her voice and her songs, especially her English songs.

For the first time I heard her voice and the way she sings the English songs, I really don't know she is a Chinese.

Oh, I missed her activity with fans.

Chris said...

hervoice is quite unique..

Jason Pumpkin said...


tAn KeAN yEw said...

her voice damn special...i like it