Thursday, June 4, 2009

Domo Tragedy

Malacca trip this time i brought domo-vin along with me,
but he seems like enjoy it very much.

Come out from bag

Come out Violently.

Taaaaa daaaaa ..... there he jumped out.

Then he went for Light sauna.

Which top of lamp.

After excited he 'drunk' and sleep middle of the bed.

He enjoy Malacca too much until .....

he don't want to follow me back to KL .
anyone if saw him in Malacca please do take a pics n let me know he's fine.


Leu said...

wat a story~ -.-'''

Hon Mun said...

Woww! domo-teck's gaining weight in Malacca..

-KeO- said...

you lose him?

cmei said...

muruku ran away so long baru post... kesian him..

aaronng88 said...

hahaha v cute =p but is he rly missing? lol =p hahaha poor thing u

€gG-gÿ @小蛋 said...

hahahahahahhahahahaha.... domo-teck~~ we miss u over here.... =P

Sonia said...


lizzco said...

oooo ..u left him at malacca alone la ...bad la u ...anyway ..wanna to imform i saw him ar jb :)