Monday, January 19, 2009


Tradition breakfast

Caesar Salad

Ant view


the place we used to sit


dining table

the last time we hang there.

This was the place we hang for quite some time.
Eventhough I only tried the breakfast few times, but I really likes it a lot compared to Old Town and Tappers.
Unfortunately, this cafe closed down with inform.
They used to have nice coffee, breakfast and enviroment.
This place Ms.G really missed it a lot.
No matter what, Cafe 888 already closed down, it seems like we got to find another new cafe to hang around.



such a nice place yeah...

how u make ur pic settings de?
some of the pic cant display but u block the rite click function liao....hmmm

k3lv1n87 said...

hahaha i edit saturation and contrast..
actually u can refresh then can see the photos d :)


ok....not so undsertand ...haa...

refresh liao...cant...
hmm...mayb i dumb lo

Shiveeleaves said...

apasai tutup?so nice.i thought this place sure got business 1?

mystical hyman said...

keep it up~
i can see u erally love to take photo~
good luck~