Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's been awhile

GD 08' Showcase - theme: recycle.

This exhibition ruin my 1 month holidays..

But the final result at least better than last year.

Special thanks to all my commitee members,
actually the whole thing was their effort.

And thanks- to some peoples that think we cannot handle this exhibition.

- to those fake people telling different story to different people.


Jason Pumpkin said...

it looks nice! but ends up i cant visit it coz d training...abit dissapointed la! haha! anyway well done!

garrylin said...

Yeah... that's the spirit... keep updating the blog with pic... dun let ur shutter stain... Post a photo or two from time to time.. can't wait to see more...


i like the display matter...haa..keep it on

MISS Carol said...

cool stuff :)

sc said...

so nice!!!!!!