Monday, March 8, 2010

Lovely But Annoyed

Isn't Im too conservative or public nowadays too open minded.
This happenned in WM cafe that the women in the pic are so passion and touching touching the boyfriend.
Maybe I just don't like this kind of girls...


YeeLeng said...

omg.. i want their coffee paper cup for my fyp packaging! but too late liao lor..

LollyPie said...

waaaa~privacy..ehem..falls under what rules har~XD

cmei said...

20.. zzz u shud ask me... i have it.. lol.. i kept the cup n the paper.. the small cup tat i drank macadamia milk... haihz..

kel.. support support.. those ppl memang MEMBENCIKAN!!!

豪迈 said...

Ha ha... It's a normal phenomenon nowadays.

Actually, I am not so comfortable to see something like this in the public space also. It's not the matter of "conservative", it's about the way of define "private space" and "public space" individually.