Friday, January 15, 2010

black or white

The path that you chosen, it's your own choice.
How you want your life to be, it's by your own hand. These days, keep reading many friend's blog and keep asking myself isn't that bored just looking others life only.
I read a blog which "inspired" a little about our mind and action.
What we want and what we did actually two different thing. OK, why I say so?
So this article said that the wish list that the blogger wanted to have in this year, the blogger mentioned that want to treat everyone nice, be a tolerate person, which mostly said that wanted to be a High EQ person. Wokay, we should happy for that bcuz at least it's good thing to changed from self-conscious.
Few days later, I went in to the same blog. This time new post critic some public person, aikss..
which reminds me isn't that just contrast what the blogger post previously ??
Contradiction - which I guess everyone will, but please don't so polite inside blog which everyone can be seen easily.
Why I want to post this? because I hope the blogger can sense and be matured a little?
Or think deeply before post ? at least feel better to readers?

1 comment:

cmei said...

haha... wolf in sheep coat lo.. haaha.. dats y lo.. proverbs r always correct.. do not judge a book by its cover.. life is contradict, this is so true oso ma.. easy come easy go.. hope that blogger will realise lo.. eat chilli shud know how hot.. :P