Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Child Abuse

poor kids selling "ding ding" candy
Went to Malacca last few weeks, when passed this stall thousands of words came in my mind, actually this wasn't the first time I saw them selling le.
Why? I just don't understand, why parents let them to sell candies?
Customers still buying it?
Isn't that funny?
I know let them to sell, ya it did some goods for them and also bring business.
But, so young just letting them to know how pathetic in our society? Can't just let them have a happily and naive childhood??
Customer can just stop buying it, and let the parents awake?
i felt shame on the parents.
Not to say need to let them have a perfect childhood but at least, to let them have healthy childhood.
At least letting them know what they should learn, play.
City parents, please don't think you are better than them, not much different if keep lock them at home and play video games. We should let our new generation learn more, explore more. But not just to all this "adult toy".
In the future, I don't know whether am I a good dad, but at least I will try to give them what I experience before. Aikss .. too far don't think don't think...


cmei said...

emo nyer.. mayb the parents really no choice but to ask their kids help ler.. haha.. in future u b good papa ma can lo.. dun "lou hei"

LollyPie said...

yaloh~sometime parents really busy and very poor,tak kan kid stay at home nia meh...agree with cmei,good papa~XD