Monday, August 3, 2009


I know i fat a lot !!

Simple... i just want a very simple word - lasting.
Simply... i just simply jump into a tank always but get to solve - trouble.
Similarity... theres some of similarity between us - privaty.
Simulate... i at least no need to wear something which is called - mask.
Simple wish just want friendship lasting.
It's not a simply wish but is important in my life, isn't trouble as well.
Similarity interests built us privaty. Theres always topic around us.
At least I no need to simulate what I wan to be and leave the commercial mask aside.

The words above not only for the people inside the picture, also refer to all my friends~


豪迈 said...


曾经享受友情岁月,但最终发现,友情也有expiry date。友情和爱情一样,需要双方的维持,而不是单方就可以做到“友谊永固”。万物皆无常,要在“无常”中寻找“永恒”的确不易。



lizzco said...

ops really u knw u fat alot?hahhahah so don 't u think to cut down ?