Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where We Should Be

Facing to lake

Calm enviroment

So green

Path to class


So relax



This will be the last post of praising Kampar. Now we got to face the facts, say bye to the place that we dreamt to have study there. I guess peoples who studying there will complaint to the max. But they just never see hows the life over here, so pathetic everyday facing the same mamak, tiny cafeteria Even lecturers also went to other place to eat. The location might be a very big troublesome for design student studying there. I think there more suitable for theory based subjects. Anyway can allow us like having few sem over there? at least we not that stress.


~LeuMaS~ said...

wow, this is how kampar campus gonna looks like?

too bad, i dun have the chance to study at there b4 i graduate

kc said...

nice pics~~
Kampar campus looks very beautiful~~

成亿 said...

hey, nice photos u hv here...make me wanna go there for a tour...

Schizzow said...

Yeah what a pity.
I didn't really like the idea of being stuck in such a remote place at first. But now I kind of hope we get to spend a sem or two there, hopefully the final few semesters.

Oh well.

bluelyn said...

wow,nice angle n the kampar campus really pretty