Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Visiting a Small Town in Perak - Kampar Trip

Camera shy grandma(not mine)

Jalan Ampang2

Sunny blue sky

the oldish

Nice weather

Kampar Town

Beef noodles with wanton mee.

Asam Laksa with pork bones - weird but nice.

It's really a very small town compared to Taiping. The day I went was super lucky because the weather of day 1 really pretty nice. The food there kinda weird for me because so far i never tried any sweet asam laksa mix with pork inside but the taste wasn't bad. And my friend recommended here's curry chicken bread, but i havent try.


cmei said...

the pork was nice.. but the laksa soup.. not nice oso..

bluelyn said...

yor...i oso wanna try la... din try b4 d...haha~
small town gud wat, clean n peace...nt crowded too~