Friday, March 13, 2009

Escaped... and the Result

The way to Art Gallery

Vivo City

Singapore Chinatown


Lamborghini in Sg

Indian Temple

This trip was my promised, and I finally did went to Singapore mainly reason just want to escape from assignments.

Ended up, came back with nothing, theres more assignments waiting for me.
But at least I gained something
which I like ......


garrylin said...

One word! Nice!!! Wah... interesting one... makes me feel like going there to do some photoshoot! It would be much better if you could give each the picture some short elaboration or title... just my two cents worth... i hope u don't mind...

Confuse Prince said...

u r act student?

LollyPie said...

jealous loh~why every time look at ur photo will feel wanna go that place de~yerrrr,i want go travel,yerrrrr~:p

bluelyn said...

wat a nice place~lol~ even my hmetown near there oso din go b4 lo...jealous la~