Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Malaysia Unavailable Unit

Ox year edition of Double Deck Bus.

I realised I never post anything related to to the ox year.

So, before the CNY month go off, at least i post something about OX.

This was my friend CK bought from HK, well this is not for me, i just find out it's very cute so I just took some pictures.
From the information that she gaves, the shop she bought from actually the whole shop just selling this bus only.


Alden said...

Yer! I want this bus! So cute...
Let's go HK =)

Anonymous said...


Kaycee @ Nutcow said...

Kelvin, where are my others cow items pics???
You can get this mini double decker at Langham Place, Mongkok. Go up to the top floor where the shop just sell only busses for collectors.