Monday, February 9, 2009

Childhood memories - Private Playground

I know you will said this time some of the photos are under exposure.
But I just purpposely want it.

Just to shows how down when I looked this place.

The sky still blue but the feel different.

The land still large but the feeling are like so small.

This place used to be my childhood time spent with my cousins playing hide n seek, guli, gasing and so on..

Well .. everything changed.. what is left just memories.


garrylin said...

OMG! same feeling about our old childhood memories? hahaha... btw, ur childhood playground... was reli nice one... hahaha... where is this? A great place for photography!!!

mayooi said...

hey.. dis time i think i can feel wat u try 2 bring out in those photos.. haha..

wahdi said...

not bad!