Tuesday, December 2, 2008

M.I.F.A - Daniel Chong

Daniel Chong

back design


the corpse bride



Mysterious showing

Daniel Chong with his models

I actually get the invitation to go Jimmy Lim's fashion show, but in the end i watched for
10 fashion designers fashion show at the same time.According to my friend Yuki, Daniel Chong just back from a fashion show in Bangkok.
Personally I like his design very much, that's why post Daniel's design first to share with everyone even though he's the last on that day.
I think he using certain thing that i like. First he played Bjork songs,
then using blue lights to create a very myterious enviroment for the whole fashion show.
I guess this 2 part made me very impress,
then later on when i look the design, it really attracted me as well.


JC said...

Nice picture!!!


So nice you can go all these places!

LollyPie said...

so good~XD nice nice