Friday, November 7, 2008

The Best Lighting Restaurant - Fullhouse

I appreciated they organised the food so nice and gain appetite.
No matter morning or night, the lighting will still be the same because the whole retaurant is inside a shopping complex. Maybe what you need to do is like switching whitebalance to get the actual color that you want.

But for me, i prefer yellowish images, it's giving me a smooth and warm for the food images.

I'm not sure whether can we snap portraits photos over there, but if anyone interested can make inquiry:


keon said...

delicious food n nice environment, located at NZX?

~*StrAwBerRy*~ said...

u been thr oso??
yeah, thr reali super nice leh.. hehe

sweecheng said...

i wan go i wan go... de fud seem so nice larr.... bing me go bing me go.. ^^