Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Innov8 Samsung – Innov8 Run is organized by Samsung and Blogmob last Saturday. This event is to promote Samsung’s new mobile phone with 8.0 megapixels camera! There’s 18GB and 6 GB built in memory which I guess it is really enough for people who loves to snap photos and listen to music. With this much of storage capabilities, one would never have to worry about insufficient storage anymore. This is the first 8.0 megapixels phone launch in the world. Briefly let me tell you about this mobile phone.

This model is named Innov8, as I said from beginning this phone is built in with 8.0 megapixel Auto Focus camera, with 9x digital Zoom adding with smile shot, panorama shots and anti shake! With all this features I guess even a small kids can snap great pics.

I like this camera phone because the shots it really gave me very sharp photos, with the LED flash it can snap nice shots during nights as well. I only got to snap few photos with this camera phone because I don’t really have much time to try it in one day.

Beside that they highly emphasis on the GPS function, this function might be very useful when going for outstation or overseas, especially for traveling. With GPS functioned we don’t need to bring a map to walk around. In this event, maybe we are very familiar with Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur area but we don’t do know much in detail on it.

In this phone there is another very useful feature for us when finding the clue in Treasure Hunt because there is Web Browsing. Together with Wi-fi, we can use it everywhere we go by google to get the answer.

The best function in this phone is the video recording as you can do editing with this phone and you don’t need to transfer it into PC to edit it. With this, it is really convenient for those people who are lazy to transfer to their computers.

Great photos always need a great frame to shows classy! Forget about the normal slideshow or photo preview, this phone has built in software named Photo Bridge, with a very nice interface of the graphics really attractive.

Have you ever tried any phone that supports 3D games?? Innov8 does! In the games section, there’s FIFA. This game really giving people more fun and excitement until our group marshall kept playing it. I admit that this game really attracted me with the graphics and all the characters in the game as you can see shadows around the ground and unlike those boring 2D games.

This event was my first time joining a game which similar to Treasure Hunt. It was quite fun for this whole day, even though I never get any prices but I gained friendship! I met a few of friends through this event! Hope so we can have more fun in the future.

I guess my post is not detailed enough but if you are interested to read more, feel free to log on to the 8 other participants.

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If you still think not enough can log in to:

About the Innov8 phone, these telling you the features:


while they playing games, i drink nescafe

desperately get the phone.

meeting point.

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