Monday, May 12, 2008


Exterior shop.

(china art, but I don't know the shop name.)

Saw this photo in CLICK magazine,

that's why capture it.

Tea House Entrance
(but, closed during sunday afternoon?)

A Naughty Kid.
Accidentally Shots!

A Side Of Malacca.

Artistic Sculpture

Not to being bad to show it but,
Malacca really a nice food paradise.
specially nyonya food, portugues food, malay food and chinese food.

Note: If you are hungry please scrow down faster.
It's for your own good.

Nyonya Food

Night time - it's another kind of life in Malacca. compare to daytime. Malacca really can giving a very different feels.
Night View - Malacca
Blueish Sky - Malacca
River Fun Fair - Malacca
Under The Bridge - Malacca
Back Street - Malacca
Fun Fair Wheel - Malacca

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lizzco said...

hey photoshopbot ur photo ? nice la sp romantic sia