Wednesday, May 7, 2008


ceramel macchiato

ceramel friendstercino(blended)
too sweet for me...

Dory fish n dont know what

captured by 20

Friendster cafe located at Sunway Pyramid and the first outlet at Damansara Perdana. Don't keep thinking of what you playing the website friendster. (Actually I keep on thinking is it any connection, well just maybe i think too much). So, I been there quite frequent in this 2 weeks.
The food there it's nice. There really a nice place for you to go, cuz got WiFi there so if sitting there a whole afternoon nobody is gonna bother you. Then if u bring camera, yea really a nice lighting.

By the way, before we went to Friendster. We had lunch at Wendy's. I don't want to shows the picture just hope that i don't broke you guys hope. :P

p.s:i'm not promoting , but recommending.

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Sean said... improvement in food capture.nice yea....